The CMAP Academy


Online On-Demand Learning

Unlimited Access To Training and Onboarding Resources 
24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week



Onboarding Simplified

We've created structured courses that orientate people with the parts of CMAP they'll need to know. All you need to do is point them there.



New Hire Acceleration

You don't need to rely on a trainer. All new hires to the company, and to CMAP, receive the same, consistently high quality of training



Courses For Every Role 

Courses are structured around core roles such as project managers, finance, etc. So each person will receive the right level of content and detail.



Decentralize Knowledge

Take the pressure off super users by spreading knowledge across your business, boosting efficiency, driving adoption, and establishing consistency.

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Screenshot of a course in the CMAP Academy

How Does It Work?

The Academy contains a series of courses, which are split by job function - Finance, Project Management, Resourcing and so on.

Each course is organised into a number of short, video-based lessons, each covering an essential process in CMAP. 

The Academy has been designed for easy, accessible learning that fits around busy work schedules. Your progress through the course is charted, so you can simply pick up from where you left off.

Once you've watched all of the lessons in a course, mark the course as complete, and you're done!

Quite often, it may be weeks - or even months - before you use a feature for the first time. If you forget anything you've learned along the way, you can simply re-watch lessons whenever you like.

Screenshot of the Academy Progress Report in CMAP

Track Your Team's Progress

The standard Academy Progress Report provides insight into who's done what in the Academy.

People's progress through the courses is shown as a percentage and uses colours to give you an at-a-glance overview.

This helps you tackle a number of scenarios. For example, if an employee is promoted and takes on greater responsibility, you can prompt them to take the more advanced courses as a precursor to doing your own company-specific training.

The combination of CMAP's ease-of-use and high quality training means you can have confidence there will be a high likelihood of successful product adoption. 

Gif of how to access the CMAP Academy from a CMAP user dashboard

Keep Up-To-Speed

Our agile development methodology means we're continually refining CMAP, releasing new features and updates every two weeks.

As a CMAP client, you'll always be notified of these changes via email, but the Academy can put these into context in a way an email can't... by actually showing you.

The product and content teams regularly update the Academy, so you won't find you're watching training material about features that were retired years ago.

Accessing the Academy is simple. Simply click the Learn button in CMAP.

The CMAP Community ensures customer success via a shared knowledge base

The CMAP Community

The Academy is just one of many examples of our commitment to our clients' success.

We give all of our users access to CMAP's Knowledge Base, an information portal which contains useful guides on how to use key features in CMAP.

CMAP Updates gives you a full development log, listing all of the updates we've released into the product since records began way back in 2015. Since there are 26 sprint releases a year and an average of six key updates per release, that's a lot of progress!

You'll also find our Sprint Announcements, which tell you about the next round of new features in more detail.

Perhaps most popular however, is the Product Roadmap where we publish the longer term key initiatives we're working towards.

Whilst we'll happily take full credit for CMAP - and we do - the real reason it's so powerful and a joy to use is because we listen to our clients, take their feedback onboard, discuss internally how we can solve the problem, and then build the solution.

Seeing is Believing

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CMAP is a one stop shop for managing fees, resourcing, invoicing - it's about bringing everything together.

– Robert Reid, Senior Fee Manager, Morgan Sindall Group

I really love working with CMAP. Everyone is really helpful and the team understands our needs as a business.

– Karina Crowfoot, Oxford PharmaGenesis

CMAP has really switched our staff on. They feel they have more ownership of projects as they can see their dashboards and budget vs. actual performance. If a request comes in, their first thought now is ‘did we allow for that in the fee?'

– John Haynes, Director, IDP Group

CMAP is the only integrated project management solution, designed with architects in mind, that can grow and evolve as we do.

– Richard Holland, Director, Holland Harvey Achitects

Our project workers have really benefited from using CMAP, they can now see how much time they’ve been allocated to a project against the time they’ve spent on it, as well as how long they have left – that works really well.

– Mark Camidge, Director, Chaplin Farrant

The CMAP experience has been of benefit to people across the organisation. It gives us what we’ve always needed, and didn’t have before.”

– Catherine Mulcahy, 2020 Delivery