Practice management software that makes fee structures, timesheets and billing a walk in the park



CMAP is incredibly user friendly, has a powerful reporting tool built-in and provides an accompanying phone app.

The CMAP team has been fantastic to work with, and pulled out all the stops to ensure implementation went as smoothly as possible.

Phil Ruelle

Chief Digital Officer - BDO Jersey

CMAP Practice Management Software for Accountants dashboard

Custom Dashboards

CMAP keeps users up to speed on the areas that matter to them with fully customisable dashboards.

  • Personalisation: You can drag and drop to re-order your dashboard to suit your preference.
  • Custom boxes - built using CMAP BI - can be published to your dashboard so you don't need to run reports manually.
  • Dashboards are live. They take the data as it stands right now, so you can make confident decisions
  • They're also interactive, meaning you can simply click an item to be linked through to the relevant area to investigate or take action.
CMAP Accounting Practice Management Software AML KYC tracking

KYC & AML Compliance

KYC and AML compliance is essential. CMAP's functionality enables you to run a robust Customer Identification Program, conduct Customer Due Diligence, and move forward with a watertight ongoing monitoring procedure - ensuring reviews are carried out based on thresholds developed as part of the customer's risk profile.

Furthermore, CMAP helps you to track staff training and ensure confirmations of AML awareness, meaning you can identify any of your people in need of being brought up to date too.

CMAP Accounting Practice Management Software Job Costing

Flexible Job Costing

Projects can be run as time and materials or fixed fee.

Budgets can be built in a variety of ways. Quote days against deliverables and roles in the Fee Estimator, or even push a project live without a budget so you can immediately capture billable time for things like ad hoc tax investigations.

Choose from centrally approved market, client, etc, rate cards – or create custom project-specific rate cards - in the appropriate currency for the project.

You can even copy budgets from other projects, or copy other projects full stop, to accelerate set-up and give more and more time back to your team.

Plus, budget sign-off procedures can also be activated, with varying thresholds of control.


CMAP Accounting Practice Management timesheets and expenses tools

Easy Timesheets & Expenses

Tracking time and expenses is the absolute core for an accounting practice, but most systems make this painful and time consuming. CMAP makes it easy because (a) it's so straightforward, and (b) you can access CMAP from anywhere on desktop, tablet or mobile.

The CMAP Go smartphone app is available on iOS and Android devices and is packed with useful features, such as taking photos of expense receipts and uploading them to your claim, completing your weekly timesheet, and processing sales follow-up activities.


CMAP Accounting Practice Management Software Project Profitability tools

Live Performance Tracking

CMAP runs on live data, with project budget, timesheets, expenses and purchases always visible.

This real-time awareness enables you to identify issues - such as resourcing projections exceeding the PO value, or out-of-scope time not being booked to an ad hoc billable - and take action before it's too late.

The Story So Far feature uses actuals-to-date plus future resourcing data to tell you where your project is headed and what it's likely end margin or recovery rate will be.

Over time, CMAP helps you to understand where you're profitable and gives you the tools to adapt and scale.


Invoice Calendar

Invoice Calendar

CMAP’s invoice and forecast calendar gives you an at-a-glance look at your cashflow position.

The colour-coded calendar lets you see which invoices have been raised, which are paid or outstanding, and those planned in for further down the line.

It pulls all this information straight from each project so you can see your financial position immediately without having to run any additional reports or calculations.

CMAP Accounting Practice Management Software Billing and Invoicing tools

Rapid Billing

CMAP brings your timesheet and personal expense data into a billing platform designed to get time and materials invoices out, and get them out fast!

The project rate card and user role mapping guarantee you bill clients at the right rate - in whatever currency you like - every time.

Fixed fee billing is quicker still, with a simple 1-2-3 of Schedule, Approve and Create Workflow.

CMAP's focus is doing what you need to do, quickly, freeing up time for more productive pursuits.

To top it all off, integrations with popular accounting packages remove redundant rekeying of your work.

Custom Fields & Pages

Through custom fields and custom pages, CMAP allows you to add practice-specific forms and functions without the need for custom development.

Be it a milestones and deliverables list or employee appraisal records within CMAP’s HR tab, you can create them all yourself in moments with a little dragging and dropping and a couple of clicks.

The real value comes via the CMAP BI module though. Using the Report Builder tool you can generate reports on all the data you have stored on each and every custom page you build.

These intuitive tools allow you to kill off even more spreadsheets, giving you more of your crucial project processes all in one place.


CMAP Accounting Practice Management Software Resourcing Planning and Scheduling tools

Resource Planning Made Simple

CMAP's HR module enables you to capture the skills and experience of your resource pool and use that data when making resourcing decisions.

The drag and drop Workload Schedule tool allows you to assign users to projects and make quick changes - such as swapping out one user for another.

What's more, your resourcing data can be used to fuel revenue projections if appropriate, as well as inform the likely end margin of the project, and helps you track to hit - but not exceed - an agreed PO value.


CMAP Accounting Practice Management Software Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence

The CMAP BI module features the drag and drop Report Builder tool, giving you the freedom to dig deeper into your data.

Create your own custom reports, choosing the datasets, filters and calculations that will get you the answers you're looking for.

Reports can also be shared with colleagues or published straight to your dashboard, ensuring you're always switched on.

CMAP Accounting Practice Management Software Timesheets apps

CMAP Mobile Apps

CMAP Go makes it easy for your people to stay on top of timesheets, expenses, business development activities and time off, wherever they are.

CMAP BI puts custom reports onto your smartphone, so you can access key data whenever you need it.



Fully Connected CRM

From the contacts directory, through to lead and opportunity management, CMAP easily helps you win new business.

Importantly, the CRM is assisted by industry-specific fee creation functionality not found in standalone CRMs.

Key functionality includes:

  • Companies and contacts database e.g. names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.
  • KYC and AML tracking and alerting.
  • Activities for sales follow-up.
  • Weighted, probability-adjusted forecasting for revenue or resourcing reports.
  • Seamless lead to opportunity to project conversion workflow - no rekeying or duplication.
  • Alerts on your dashboard, in CMAP For Outlook, and in CMAP Go on your smartphone.


CMAP for Outlook

The add-in enables you to:

  • View company and contact data from CMAP in Outlook
  • Save copies of emails in CMAP against specific contacts and leads, opportunities, and projects
  • View existing leads and opportunities in the pipeline associated with the contact - and create new ones without having to leave Outlook.

  • Complete and schedule CRM activities such as sales follow-up, AML checks, etc.

  • Complete and submit your timesheets
  • Request and manage time off


CMAP Accounting Practice Management Software Finance General Ledger Integrations

Integrate With Key Systems

CMAP provides simple, direct connections with the apps and tools your business uses every day:

  • General ledger and accounting packages such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Business Central, Sage, Xero, etc.
  • BI reporting tools including Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau, Yellowfin and more via our Direct Reporting Service



Stay Informed With Dashboards


Dashboards are fuelled with live data, providing real-time performance insights, alerts and workflow triggers, all of which help your company run more slickly.


The visual layout focuses you on the areas that require your attention. The icons are clickable, and CMAP will link you through to the relevant area for a deeper look.


Focus on the data that matters to you. Whether you're a project manager, finance user or senior management; there's a dashboard to suit you.


With CMAP BI, you can create custom dashboards to leverage your data, as well as share them with colleagues and even publish them straight to your mobile phone.

CMAP Standard dashboards

CMAP looks and feels great. The slickness with which resources can be allocated and the ease with which timesheets can be completed is fantastic.

– Rik Bijmholt, Anderson McGyver

CMAP gives us the availability of integrated management information, which we never had before. CMAP makes sense of everything instantly.

– Robert Dodds, BDRC Group

“We’re in a period of rapid growth, so we needed a system that offered a single point of entry across our global offices. CMAP was the perfect choice; it’s incredibly intuitive, user-friendly and has the level of functionality we need to drive our plans forward.

– Daryl Edwards, Q5 Partners

“The CMAP experience has been of benefit to people across the organisation. Even those just completing timesheets are happier. CMAP gives us what we've always needed and didn't have before.

– Catherine Mulcahy, 2020 Delivery

We selected CMAP for two reasons. One: extensive technical and business knowledge. Two: the modular and flexible framework which could be customised to the exact requirements of the business.

– Bill Thomas, Managing Director, EquaTerra (now KPMG)

CMAP stood out because it is cloud-based, customisable, evolving & is specifically tailored to work for consultancies like ours.

– Jo Cribbin, Peru Consulting