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Create accurate fee estimates in seconds with CMAP's job costing for Architects and Engineers tool

Create Accurate Fee Estimates in Seconds

Take the guesswork out of job costing and create accurate fee estimates in just a few clicks.

With CMAP, job costing isn't just accurate, it's flexible, too.

CMAP gives you the freedom to mix a variety of fee types within the same project e.g. percentage-based, fixed fee or time charge.

Whether you like to work top-down, bottom-up or both, CMAP's Fee Estimator is the tool for you.

Get a complete, real-time view of your resourcing situation with CMAP

Resourcing Made Simple

CMAP's resourcing tools and reports will help you manage demand and make well-informed hiring decisions.

Effortlessly place the right people on the right projects based on skill, cost and availability.

Sense-check the financial impact of your resourcing decisions in real-time to ensure your projects remain on budget.

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Easy Timesheets & Expenses

Tracking time and expense information is crucial, but most systems make this rather painful & time consuming.

CMAP does all the hard work for you, making it easy for your people to stay up-to-date with timesheets anywhere, any time via PC or the CMAP Go mobile app.

The same goes for expenses, too. Project workers can simply photograph receipts and submit their expense claims via the CMAP Go mobile app.

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Stay Informed With Powerful, Personalized Dashboards

Live Monitoring

Live dashboards bring together your project data. Providing real-time performance insights & alerts for up-to-the-minute analysis of project performance and quicker decision making.

Interactive Insights

The visual layout draws your attention to areas of projects that require your attention. Dashboard icons are clickable, so you're free to dig deeper & take action with a single click.

Personalized For You

Focus on the data that matters to your role. Whether you're a project manager, billable resource, finance user or senior management; there's a dashboard to suit you.

Build Your Own

With CMAP BI, you can leverage your data to create any kind of dashboard you want, share it with colleagues and even publish straight to your mobile phone.

CMAP Dashboard

Seeing is Believing

Enough said? It's time to see CMAP for yourself.
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CMAP is a one stop shop for managing fees, resourcing, invoicing - it's about bringing everything together.

– Robert Reid, Senior Fee Manager, Morgan Sindall Group

Staff feel more responsible and are more conscious of the time they’re spending.There are no excuses anymore. People have upped their game.

– Eoin Ryan, Associate, Lovelock Mitchell

I'm obsessed with the possibilities of CMAP BI. It's a revelation to our management team - I love customising reports for them and seeing their smiles!

– Kay Anderson, Finance Manager, CCD Design & Ergonomics

CMAP has really switched the staff on. They feel they have more ownership of projects as they can see their dashboards and budget vs. actual performance. If a request comes in, their first thought now is ‘did we allow for that in the fee?'

– John Haynes, Director, IDP Group

Our project workers have really benefited from using CMAP, they can now see how much time they’ve been allocated to a project against the time they’ve spent on it, as well as how long they have left – that works really well.

– Mark Camidge, Director, Chaplin Farrant