2020 Delivery Comment On CMAP Consulting Edition

Author: Tom Rains
Date Posted: 10 Sep 12
1 minute read

Management Consultancy 2020 Delivery, users of CMAP Consulting Edition, comment on why they came on-board with CMAP and let us know how the first few months have gone of implementing CMAP:

We catch up with Catherine Mulcahy, Business Manager at 2020 Delivery:

Why did you need Professional Services Automation Software (PSA Software)?

We had no centralisation - there were loads of spreadsheets, each doing a good job in their own right, but maintaining them involved lots of work, it was error-prone, and it was hard to pull the project data together in order to make sense of it.

Why did you choose CMAP?

CMAP provides all the functionality we need to manage our projects in an intuitive, usable way. Everything can be managed from one place, which allows us to make sense of project data and apply uniformity in its application by automating certain processes. Plus, it takes seconds rather than hours (or days) to get what we need in terms of project reporting.

How have you found using CMAP?

I have full confidence in CMAP and the team behind it. The experience has been of benefit to people across the whole organisation. CMAP gives us what we've always needed, and didn't have before. 

2020 use CMAP PSA Software for Consultancies

CMAP's PSA Software for Consutancies has grown a little since this post was first published. If you'd like to find out more about CMAP's integrated project management software for consultants, click here.