We're launching exciting new filter possibilities on people-based reports for users running the new version of our resource planning module 'Resourcing Advanced'. It's a giant leap for CMAP-kind.

This blog post will tell you everything you need to know to take your user-reporting to cosmic heights.

What's changing?

Until now, CMAP has been able to tell you who's available in terms of resource planning to complete project work. Which is obviously very handy — but, until now, CMAP has stopped short of telling you the specific skillset your resources have, what their proficiency in Excel is, what methodologies they're familiar with, etc.

That's set to change.

You may be aware you can add custom fields against users via the Custom Field Manager tool in the Admin tab. When you add in a "Multi-Select Dropdown List" against a user, this field type will automatically appear as a filter option in people-based reports, such as the Staff Availability resourcing report.

How can I use it?

Let's talk through a couple of examples...

1) Let's imagine your version CMAP is set up organisationally so that you're one big, happy team. It's likely you did this because you didn't want to force CMAP's team-based structure and end up with a humongous, overly-complex rate card.

But, ultimately, you do have "teams" of people that you can group by job role, account, partner, etc.

Now, CMAP users can create a custom user field for teams and add in the relevant options (e.g. "Account A/ B" or "Partner 1/ 2", etc.) and use this as a more elegant way to filter the Staff Availability report and home in on your resource availability.

2) Let's imagine you have an assignment onsite in Germany. You have a large pool of associates, some of which speak fluent German. It stands to reason you might not just want to see who's available, but who's available and speaks fluent German.

You can now create a custom user field for "Languages" and add in the relevant options e.g. "German - Basic/Intermediate/Proficient", and use this as a filter to select the most suitable resource available for the project.

The possibilities are endless. This enables you to (a) capture a comprehensive skills/attributes bank for your users and (b) use them to your advantage!

What do I need to do?

Since many CMAP users have been using custom user fields to gather sensitive information (e.g. ethnicity, gender, etc.) that you wouldn't want to surface as filter options in reports, we've put some controls in place.

This is why we've limited the exposed fields in reports to only display multi-select dropdown lists.

Now, it might be that you already have custom User fields that you would like to have as filter options. Thankfully there's a neat way around this. You can simply find the relevant field in the Custom Field Manager tool, and change the field type from a "Dropdown List" to a "Multi-Select Dropdown List". Hey presto, it instantly appears as a filter in the reports.

Watch this 1-minute movie, which shows you how to add a custom multi-select field, how to add options to it and what it looks like on your user profiles.

If this kind of user-reporting sounds like it could be useful to your professional services business, get in touch to arrange a demo.