Leading market Market Research agency ABA Research implement CMAP's PSA software solution.

ABA Market Research CMAP PSA solution

ABA Research is one of the leading market research agencies in the UK. The agency was formed in 1994 and focus on understanding retail shopping behaviour using their 5Drivers model. You can read more about their innovative 5Drivers model here.

The agency chose CMAP after a thorough selection process, beating some tough competition including a well-known ERP vendor. The main reason why CMAP was chosen above this well-known ERP vendor came down to one of the things we are  most well-known for: user adoption.
We understand that if our software looks & feels intuitive to use, it will be used more. Which is why user adoption is at the heart of our product development ethos.

CMAP is going to assist the agency with improving productivity, reducing over-delivery, and winning more projects. CMAP has core project profitability , reporting and CRM tools that will help ABA Research meet their requirements.

In addition to the above, ABA Research also needed their PSA software solution to integrate with an Accounting software that has been approved as Making Tax Digital compliant by the UK HMRC. You can find a list of HMRC approved software suppliers here.

CMAP integrates with some of the largest approved suppliers already, including Sage, Xero and Intuit Quickbooks.

We're excited to working with ABA Research and look forward to helping them achieve their goals.

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