Charcoalblue Choose CMAP Project Management Software

Author: Tom Rains
Date Posted: 11 Mar 16
0 minute read

Leading acoustic consultants Charcoalblue have signed up to CMAPs AEC Edition, integrated project accounting & project management software.

Charcoal blue logo - clients of CMAP Project Management Software

With multiple offices across the UK, US and Australia, user adoption was a huge concern for senior management.

They understood that in order for a project management system to be successful, it must be successfully adopted by staff, otherwise it would fail. This is where CMAP shone through, with its ease of use and proven track record of high user adoption.

Cross charging was also proving to be a challenge across their multiple office locations, whereas CMAP has built in cross charge reporting that gives finance all the information they need in the click of a button. The consultancy will also be able to use CMAP to handle resource management & time tracking, as well as gather in-depth project reporting.

We're looking forward to working with Charcoalblue as they continue their growth!