We've recently made come changes to the AEC edition, which will transform the way you handle your invoices & expense claims in CMAP.

Now you can bulk handle your expenses straight from your project's Budget vs Actuals area in CMAP.

Multiple invoices per workstage per month

We've made some significant changes to the Invoice Schedule. So now you can schedule invoices to an exact date & also schedule as many different values per workstage per month as you wish!

Schedule multiple invoices in the same month for Architects and Engineers

If you're already a CMAP user, you may notice that this looks pretty similar to the popup you see when submitting your timesheets.

You may also recognize the green 'm' symbol from CMAP's timesheets. We've added this to the invoice schedule to clearly indicate when a value is made up of more than one invoice amount.

This also shows you all of the items that make up the total value when you click on it.

Billing schedule for Architects and Engineers

Everything else has remained the same when it comes to creating invoices, so we hope you like this update as much as we do! 


Handling Expenses as Allowances

We've made a significant change to our expenses functionality which lets you mark expense items as part of an allowance, linking them to a budgeted external (i.e. your travel budget), which means you can track them against your wider budget.

Screenshot of handling expenses as allowances in CMAP

This is significant because expenses will no longer be automatically handled on your projects to 'retention'.

Instead, expenses will appear as unhandled within the Budget vs Actual area of your projects (link to previous blog - not published yet).

So your expenses will now need to be handled as part of your project tracking process & marked as either a retention, chargeable or allowance.

This means your project managers will have an extra step to complete. But the good news is that this feeds in to an Unhandled Expenses report, which will help you identify the projects which have expenses against them that are yet to be handled.

There is more good news. The 'Set up Chargeable Expense Handling' function has been updated to allow you to set your own rules to re-establish automatic handling.

So, if your project is never going to have rechargeable expenses, you can just set all of the categories to default to Retention. You only need to do this once on project initiation, and then you’ll never need to touch it again.

If you need any assistance with this, simply get in touch and we'll be happy to help.