Anderson MacGyver Source Out CMAP PSA Software

Author: Tom Rains
Date Posted: 07 Mar 13
1 minute read

Anderson MacGyver, a new consultancy start-up founded by former KPMG-acquired EquaTerra Directors, Rik Bijmholt and Gerard Wijers, have chosen to implement CMAP to give their new consulting venture the best possible start.

Anderson MacGyver use CMAP PSA Software for Consultants

Rik Bijmholt remembers fondly the role CMAP played at EquaTerra to support its buy-out from KPMG:

"CMAP enabled us to manage everything simply. It wasn't too complex, it was as it should be.

Software should make life as easy as possible and that's exactly what CMAP does. It gave me everything key to my role, in one place. No delay or separate systems."

Following EquaTerra's rapid expansion and eventual buy-out from KPMG in 2011, Rik comments on the continued development he has seen since his 'gap year' away from CMAP:

"It's actually even better than it was before. I saw some of the new features and was genuinely wowed by them. CMAP looks and feels great. The slickness with which resources can be allocated and the ease with which timesheets can be completed is fantastic. Using it daily from 2008 to 2011 and looking back at it now, you can really see how the software is being driven forward. It's impressive. I know that by coming on-board with CMAP I will be able to keep fully in control of my financial and utilisation affairs with no hassle."

We're sure you will, Rik.

CMAP's PSA Software for Consultancies has advanced since this article was first published, to get the most up to date view of CMAP for Consultants, click here.