We’re delighted that Lafferty have chosen CMAP for their project management.


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The Irish firm have both project management and architectural divisions, with clients ranging from Meyer Bergman to Twitter and Yahoo! Before selecting CMAP, they were using a mish-mash of spreadsheets and time-consuming software.

Their CFO could only extract the data needed after a whole lot of hassle, with reports only finding their way to the project managers once a month. Hardly conducive to dynamic decision making!

The switch to CMAP will help pass ownership of project tracking directly to the project managers. The way CMAP automatically tracks time booked versus time scheduled will save tons of well, time, on admin.

Plus, getting real-time reports will empower the project managers to identify which projects are using up too much resource and improve their execution.

We’re looking forward to working with Lafferty to get them online with CMAP, streamlining their processes, and getting them firing on all cylinders.


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