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Dave Graham

Dave Graham
Dave is the Founder & CEO of CMAP Software.

Recent Posts

Win More Business By Nailing Your Niche

Posted by Dave Graham on 16 Nov 20

A sure-fire way to get more results from your marketing and sales efforts is to stop trying to sell to everyone and, instead, focus in on a ... Read More

Turning Scope Creep Into An Opportunity

Posted by Dave Graham on 16 Nov 20

The first step in any project is defining what exactly the project entails. This is known as the ‘scope’. For a lot of projects, that scope ... Read More

The Power Of Personal Project Budgets

Posted by Dave Graham on 13 Oct 20

If you want your organisation to be as lean and profitable as possible, you need to ensure you’re fully utilising your people. Read More

How Long Have I Got? - The Most Important Question Your Project Teams (Probably) Aren’t Asking.

Posted by Dave Graham on 08 Oct 20

One of the biggest threats to your profitability is over delivery. Spending more time delivering a project than you’re actually getting paid... Read More

What's Coming in CMAP Summer 2020

Posted by Dave Graham on 22 May 20

The new CMAP Summer 2020 release is rapidly approaching, so we thought we'd give you a quick overview of what's coming your way... Read More

The Evil Twins That Are Eating Your Profits

Posted by Dave Graham on 23 Sep 19

Our CEO Dave sees these two crucial pitfalls all the time, and knows exactly how to avoid them. Read More