Automated Activities Are Here

Author: Phil Smith
Date Posted: 31 May 19
2 minute read

Automated Activities helps streamline those standard checklists for new projects and new personnel.

CMAP Activities is an incredibly useful tool when it comes to managing your projects and CRM. If you need to set up a reminder to follow up on a meeting or check in with a client, it only takes a few clicks and you’re there.

But if you’ve got a checklist of activities you run through each time you’ve got a new project on the go, it can be a bit of a pain to go through typing in the same checklist every time a fresh opportunity comes through the door.

To solve this issue and make life even easier, we’ve now added a nifty Automated Activities function to CMAP to help streamline your projects and HR processes.

Project Templates

Automated Activities

The new admin tool (make sure you’ve got the proper access before trying to set these up) allows you to create templates of activities that can be applied when a project is created within CMAP.

Handily, this means you can automate certain tasks that need to be completed when projects are won – such as ‘upload contract to project folder’ or ‘check signed fee proposal’ for example. No more manually creating them every time a new project arrives. Huzzah!

The flexibility of CMAP Activities gives you complete control over these too. When creating the template, you can set activity types, give them a timeframe in which they need to be completed, and even assign them to certain roles or specific people.

Automated Activities 2

Once you’ve created a template, you’ll be given the option to select it from a dropdown when you’re creating your new project within CMAP. You can create plenty of different templates too, so be sure to name them clearly so whoever’s creating the project knows which one to choose.

Naturally these tasks will then show up on the dashboards of the personnel they’re assigned to. As well as that, users will still get prompts on their smartphone via CMAP Go and in Outlook with CMAP For Outlook - so there's (almost) no chance they'll be forgotten about.

HR TemplatesCMAP HR - Automated Activities

Not that project managers should get all the fun - we've also introduced this idea into the HR module as well. So when a new user is added to CMAP, you can create activity templates for your onboarding process too.

Much like projects, you can choose what needs to happen and who needs to action it. Whether that’s ensuring your new starter has been taken through the office health and safety briefing, or you’re scheduling in annual reviews, it’s now as simple as selecting a template. Piece of cake.


CMAP Activities was an incredibly useful and powerful tool already, but with this new template function to automate certain tasks, we hope it will make life even easier for our users.

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