Axis Mason Architects Choose CMAP Project Accounting Software

Author: Tom Rains
Date Posted: 08 Sep 15
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Axis Mason; an architectural firm with offices across London, Glasgow, Durban, Gdansk & Jersey, have signed up to CMAP to help simplify their ever-growing complexity of operations.

Axis Mason logo, clients of CMAP Software; integrated project management for architecture practices

The fact that CMAP can offer users real-time visibility over critical project accounting information within a multi-office, multi-currency structure was a huge factor in their decision to choose CMAP.

That, coupled with CMAP's visual, user-friendly design and the resulting likelihood of substantial user-adoption (particularly around project workers taking ownership of their time) made CMAP the perfect practice management system for better project planning & project management on a global scale.


Put an end to grinding processes.

Find out how CMAP can streamline your projects: