BDRC Continental on CMAP for Consultants

Author: Tom Rains
Date Posted: 11 Mar 13
1 minute read

BDRC Group, formerly BDRC Continental, are the UK's largest independent market research consultancy. They signed up to CMAP's Consulting Edition in June 2012.

BDRC Continental market research specialists use CMAP project management software for consultants


The company had different spreadsheets and systems in place to manage each area of their business. Robert Dodds, Director at BDRC Continental explains:

"We didn't have drilled down integrated data - that was the problem. If too many of your reports are ad hoc or too much hassle, they don't tend to get done."

CMAP's Consulting Edition was selected as the project management system to resolve these concerns.

"All businesses will be gathering information on sales, job costing, time, etc., but it's the integration which unlocks it. I wanted a system where I could think 'what's that?', click a button, and it's there. CMAP is the perfect medium, it conveys the message. I could see CMAP giving us things we wouldn't otherwise get."

And after a few months live on CMAP, Robert has this to say:

"CMAP shines light into corners which never saw light. It's the little details, the bits at the edges, the small margins - when you're aware of them and you turn them around, that's where you win. We're getting so much more out of CMAP than we ever had before."

And on working with CMAP:

"I've worked with other software companies in the past, but never had such a good experience. I like the way you [J-Media] work, you're a 'community', you work the client base, make things visible and let us have input on future development. That's a much more modern way to approach software development and run a software firm... It's made me think about the extent to which we should use communities ourselves...

I love CMAP's model, I love the fact I can speak to Dave [CMAP's M.D.] and get consultancy. I had given up looking for a system to manage a separate business area, everything I looked at seemed too heavy. I came to Dave and he advised me of a solution, I now use that and I love it!"

Another satisfied customer!

CMAP has undergone lots of updates & improvements since this article was first published, click here to find out more about CMAP for Consultants.