Board & Vellum Sign Up For Our AEC Edition

Author: Phil Smith
Date Posted: 07 Feb 20
1 minute read

We’re delighted to welcome the renowned practice aboard!

Board & Vellum Sign Up For Our AEC Edition

Award-winning practice Board & Vellum have signed up for CMAP’s AEC edition. Based in Seattle, the integrated design firm of architects, landscape architects and interior designers explored a number of options before deciding CMAP was the way to go.

After viewing a demo, they were impressed not only with what CMAP could help them do now, but also the potential it opened up going forward. Moving from spreadsheets and an isolated resourcing tool to an all-in-one system should help the firm continue to grow.

The fee estimator tool within CMAP will make job costing processes a whole lot easier, while our resourcing tool and workload schedule means the firm will be able to get the right people on the right jobs effortlessly.

It will be much easier for the team to pull together insightful reports too. Swapping spreadsheets for our intuitive drag-and-drop report builder will be one hell of a time saver!

We’re looking forward to working with the team at Board & Vellum to get them up and running.


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