We’re pleased to welcome another new client in Calcinotto to the CMAP family.


Calcinotto Engineers Choose CMAP Project Management Software

Formed in 2003, the civil engineering practice are currently expanding as a result of their success. That growth means there’s been a need to streamline their processes.

CMAP was on their radar thanks to some staff members having crossed paths with us elsewhere in their careers. After a couple of demos those new to us were reassured that we’d be a great fit.

Moving from multiple systems to CMAP’s all-in-one solution will consolidate their project management and make life a lot easier. Our real-time reporting fed by resourcing, timesheet, and expense data, will give them up-to-the-minute reports on project profitability.

Those reports can be augmented by custom-built ones using our powerful BI tool. Combined with the Xero integration, Calcinotto’s Finance team will gain just as much benefit as the guys and girls on the front line.

We’re very happy the firm have chosen to work with us, and look forward to getting them onboard and up to speed.


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