Calendar Invites Added to Time Off Approval Emails

Author: Phil Smith
Date Posted: 10 Jun 19
1 minute read

We’ve added a calendar invite to the ‘holiday request approved’ email.

Time off approval emails now include a calendar invite.

Plenty of people – especially line managers – like to keep a note in their calendar that shows when any of their colleagues are on holiday. Up until now, whenever someone had a holiday approved in CMAP, you’d have to go into your calendar and add it manually.

Bit of a pain that, so it’s no surprise that we had plenty of requests for a calendar invite to be added to the ‘holiday request approved’ email. Sometimes it’s just the little things that can streamline processes and make life a whole lot easier.

We’re all about those little things, so were all too happy to comply with the request! There’ll now be a calendar invite attached to the Holiday Approved email that goes out to the requester and approver, as well as the CC approver and optional second approver if these are used.

One more headache removed, letting you crack on with the important stuff.

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