We’re pleased to welcome another esteemed firm in Charlton Brown into the CMAP family.


Charlton Brown Architects Choose CMAP Project Management (1)

The London-based architectural practice was founded in 1981 and has developed a stellar reputation for high-quality residential design, whether that be brand new homes or renovation of listed buildings.

With bringing older constructions up to date being their forte, the firm have decided to apply similar logic to their practice management. The move from a disjointed solution augmented by a number of spreadsheets and manual processes to CMAP’s modern, integrated approach should benefit the firm massively as they continue to move forward.

As the firm has grown, our resourcing tool should help them better utilize staff on their various projects, whilst the investment in CMAP BI’s Report Builder will allow them to create all manner of custom reports in seconds.

Plus, our integration with their Xero accounting package should make life a lot easier for their finance team too.

We’re glad to have the opportunity to work with a practice with as much pedigree as Charlton Brown, and look forward to getting them up and running!



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