Chaucer Come Back to CMAP for PSA

Author: Phil Smith
Date Posted: 06 Jun 19

We’re thrilled to welcome consultancy firm Chaucer back into the CMAP family.


PSA software for Consultants

The global firm – headquartered here in the UK – had used CMAP previously, but a couple of years ago decided to take their chances elsewhere. Sad times for us, but we understand businesses are always on the look out for the best possible solution.

Unfortunately for Chaucer, the grass isn’t always greener, and the new system they’d implemented just wasn’t working. Their teams struggled to use it, and it never really got off the ground. In fact, a number of their people were apparently asking why they couldn’t just go back to using CMAP?

Happily, that’s exactly what they’ve decided to do. Our resourcing modules are a perfect fit for their operations team, doing precisely what they need of them – and are much easier to use to boot!

Naturally, with our constant updates and improvements, there’s even more great features that have been added while they’ve been away, from our automated activities function to more nuanced methods of revenue recognition.

We couldn’t be happier to be working with Chaucer once again and look forward to reacquainting their teams with the great software and support they’ve been missing.


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