CMAP an Easy Choice for Portland Medical Communications

Author: Phil Smith
Date Posted: 25 Jun 19
1 minute read

CMAP are proud to announce that Portland Medical Communications have come on board.

Portland Medical Communications have signed up for CMAP's robust project management sofrtware

The firm have opted for CMAP after a referral from our friends over at Meridian (cheers guys!) and we’re excited to have them.

A reputable Medcomms company, they’ll make great use of our flexible fee estimator tool. It’ll give them the ability to make the budget as detailed as they like, ensuring only centrally approved rate cards are used when quoting.

Plus the consolidated invoicing functionality was built specifically with Medcomms firms in mind, so that should keep them happy too (not to mention their clients). They’ve cleverly opted for CMAP’s robust Business Intelligence tool to give them real-time, custom reports – ensuring they bring their projects home on time and in budget.

We can’t wait to getting Portland up and running.

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