CMAP PSA Software The Top Choice For SRE Consulting

Author: Phil Smith
Date Posted: 14 Jan 20
1 minute read

SRE Consulting have joined the CMAP family with our Consulting Edition.


CMAP PSA Software The Top Choice For SRE Consulting

One of the UK’s leading sustainability and energy consultancies, the firm has a stellar reputation within the construction and renewable energy industries.

In searching to replace multiple systems and spreadsheets with a single, integrated system, they initially looked at having a custom solution built before deciding CMAP already ticked all the boxes.

A live demo showed the team there the power and flexibility of our report builder in giving clear insights into project performance, as well as how much easier resourcing will be using our drag and drop workload schedule tool.

Our CRM module will streamline business development efforts from lead to project delivery, and as SRE also opted for our Sage50 integration, life should be much easier for their finance team going forward too.

We’re pleased to welcome SRE on board and are excited to start working with them on pushing their firm to even greater heights.


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