CMAP Soars Into The Cloud (Microsoft Azure, To Be Precise)

Author: Tom Rains
Date Posted: 06 Aug 13
0 minute read

Being the technophiles we are, we want to keep in-step with, and take advantage of, the latest developments. So, CMAP is migrating from our current dedicated server onto Microsoft Azure (the cloud) over the weekend of the 10th and 11th August.

There are many benefits to moving into the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, including:

• Better failover, as the cloud gives us the equivalent of multiple servers that can take over immediately should the main server fail
• The ability to scale-up our server power as and when necessary without any downtime for our clients
• The ability to store documents securely in the cloud with geographical redundancy, enabling us to launch our new Document Management* module
• The ability to send email campaigns from directly within CMAP, enabling us to launch our new Email Marketing* module

*Watch this space!

We're committed to investing in CMAP and the infrastructure that surrounds it, so we can keep driving forward and evolving to tackle tomorrow's challenges.