Our CCO Steve Cable discussed the increasing need for architects to be more commercially aware in a competitive landscape.

Steve Talk

We were very cordially invited to give a talk at North London Architect’s ‘Future of Practice’ event this week, and a great event it was too.

Taking place at the RIBA Forum in London, over 70 architects from the area showed up to learn about what’s on the horizon for their industry, discuss the challenges they face, and tuck in to a few CMAP cupcakes too!

The panel of six gave brief talks on everything from Virtual Reality to Defect Management, with our own CCO Steve Cable leading the event with a segment on project management and commerciality.

The other vendors invited were AVR London, discussing the use of virtual reality and Plan Radar, who highlighted the need for effective defect management. We also saw a new approach to contractor sourcing courtesy of Weaver, a digital approach to practice via Resi, and construction management from Founded.

Having spoken to a few of our own architectural clients prior to the event, many of them saw the ‘future of practice’ as one that involved architects taking a much more active role in ensuring their businesses are profitable and sustainable.

Naturally that’s something CMAP can help with. But more than that, one of the key points Steve made is that by looking after their bottom line, architects are freed up to take on work that may not be the most profitable, but can be infinitely more rewarding. The kind of work that blows minds and wins awards.

Throughout all the talks, there was a big focus on architects taking a more active role in all areas of their business, and a lot of emphasis on how new technology and software can facilitate that.

We were keen to make a similar point of course, with CMAP’s accessibility and usability meaning it’s the ideal catalyst for that greater commercial awareness that’s increasingly crucial among architects.

There followed a spirited Q&A session, which saw a fascinating discussion between both the panelists and the audience on what shortcomings there may or may not be within architectural training, and the importance of balancing technology and the more human side of design.

We left there in no doubt that the future of practice is undoubtedly an exciting one. Thanks again to Alan Crawford and Laura Bell at the RIBA North London Architects Group for the invitation to come and speak, we look forward to doing similar talks in the future!


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