In what’s shaping up to be a pretty busy 2017 here for us at CMAP HQ, we’re pretty pleased to announce what will be the second addition to our integration roster this year already!

This time we’ve teamed up with leading AEC DAM provider, OpenAsset to make life a whole lot easier for Architectural practices. We know that imagery is the most powerful proof of concept for practices to win new business, so it just makes sense that you’re able to link up your project images to the rest of your project management data.

Ultimately, the goal is to save your team a whole lot of time & effort by eliminating the need to double-key important project data across both systems!

Not to mention all of the other cool things you can do, like tagging content by Project IDs in OpenAsset, and viewing OpenAsset images directly through CMAP!

 CMAP integration with OpenAsset DAM Software AEC

I’m an OpenAsset user, tell me more!

Gladly, simply get in touch & we’ll send some extra information about our OpenAsset integration over to you. Or if you'd like to see who else we integrate with, click here