We’re happy to announce that the employee-owned management consultant firm Baxendale  has chosen CMAP to make their resourcing and CRM a walk in the park.



The former foundry has a long and fascinating history, which has led them to advise a whole range of sectors - from health to housing - on key strategies, commercial growth, culture transformation and more.

Their old system is clunky, hated by staff, and not developing. After trialing CMAP, they were impressed not only by how it can streamline their timesheets and expenses, but help with forecasting and scheduling of resources, easily and accurately manage workstreams, analyse time and finances against on-going projects, and integrate seamlessly with their Sage accounting software.

As well as being a perfect fit for the business, CMAP’s various processes will enable them to more effectively deploy their CRM strategies for maximum impact.

They’re as impatient as we are to roll CMAP out across their business and help them to truly deliver on their lofty goals and ambitions.

Put an end to grinding processes.
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