CMAP's New HR Module Has Arrived

Author: Phil Smith
Date Posted: 13 May 19
2 minute read

We're thrilled to announce that a long-requested HR module has now been added to CMAP.

Over the years we've had numerous questions from our clients about when we'll be adding HR functionality. We always wanted to add some extra features to better leverage the user profile data within CMAP, but didn't have much of an appetite to build an overbearing, full-blown HR system.

But the requests kept coming, so we sat down with our clients and said 'here's what we're thinking of adding. Is that what you want, and would you use it?' The overwhelming response was an emphatic 'yes', so we went right ahead and got to work.

The result is a HR module that's stripped of all the unnecessary bloat that plagues dedicated HR systems, leaving only the functionality that people actually want and use. In fact, many of our clients have already retired their old HR systems, finding them surplus to requirements now that CMAP is doing everything they need.

So, what kind of things have we added? I’m glad you asked.

People Profiles 

CMAP HR - People Profiles

Through the use of Custom Fields, you can now add things like Skills and Languages to your employee’s People Profile. Naturally, you can filter these in all the relevant views and reports too.

There are tons of ways you can use these. Just signed a new contract with a client in Germany? Find German-speaking employees to tackle the project in just a couple of clicks.

Need someone who’s particularly proficient in Photoshop on an upcoming job? CMAP lets you find and resource them in an instant.

CMAP HR - People Grids

It goes without saying that the People Profiles utilize all the client and project data you’ve nurtured within CMAP as well. If you’ve got a returning client, you’ll easily be able to see who has an existing relationship and understanding of them.

Or, if you’ve just landed a new customer, you can see who already has experience with similar businesses within the sector.

Plus, if you’ve got a huge database of associates, CMAP lets you make better use of your resource pool and build stronger relationships with your contractors instead of relying on a handful of familiar faces.

It’s all about taking information out of people’s heads and off spreadsheets, putting it where you need it and can use it.


CMAP HR Documents gif-2

One of the most requested features was the ability to store documents against users, so we’ve made it a key part of the module. We're nice like that.

You can now save files to specific user profiles, such as contracts, return to work forms, health and safety documents and so on. Not only that, but in the main HR tab you can save universal files for quick and easy access.

It’s a one-stop shop for employee handbooks and policy docs. Handy eh?

You can obviously set up different permissions so only the proper people can have access to any sensitive info.


CMAP HR - Automated Activities

Another core part of the module is Activities. One for the HR pros this, it allows you to schedule, track and act upon specific actions for your users.

Whether that’s booking in your annual appraisals on an ad-hoc basis, or utilizing the Activity Templates function to ensure any new employees get a consistent, high-level on-boarding procedure, CMAP now allows you to properly manage all your people processes with ease.

The wealth of user data that gets generated in CMAP was already being used to great effect. It didn’t need a monolithic HR system to become even more powerful.

But we’ve added the tools that people actually use to give you all the data and functionality you need in one place - without any overkill. It’s no wonder people are already retiring their overly complicated HR systems in favor of CMAP’s streamlined, powerful, easy-to-use HR module.


Take a closer look at our new HR module, and see how CMAP can help streamline your projects: