We've given you a new tool to manage the job roles you have in CMAP for your company. In this blog post I'm going to explain how you use it.

Until now, if you wanted to add additional roles into your company, you'd have to speak to us and we'd add them in for you. We thought it would be easier if we gave you the ability to manage the job roles within your organisation, so we've created the new 'Manage Fee Estimator Roles' tool in the Admin module.

Here's how it works…

When you enter the Manage Fee Estimator Roles tool you first need to specify which Office you want to add the job role into (and Team, if applicable).

CMAP will list all the job roles you currently have in the Office (and Team, again, if applicable).


Here, you can now add any new job roles you require.

Let's say, in the example above, we need to add in a new 'Designer' role. In Role Name I add Designer and in Plural I add Designers. We capture plurals so CMAP's savvy enough to offer you a choice of Designers, rather than a choice of Designer.

Once you hit 'Add', CMAP will give you a 'Budget Role Added' message, et voilà, you have a new job role available to quote against, resource, the whole nine yards.


All you need to do now is update your rate cards in the Rate Cards tool in the Admin area, and edit the relevant users in Your Users to update their Default Role.

N.B. Any deleted job roles will be archived and can be viewed via the 'Show Archived Roles' link, where they can also be Restored to make available again.

This tool has been updated a few times since this post was first published, click through to the relevant edition to see how it looks now.