We’re always getting asked if CMAP can integrate with any finance or accounting packages.

The good news is yes, of course we do!

In fact, we integrate with a range of popular finance and accounting packages.

Because…well, it just wouldn’t make much sense if we didn’t allow you to easily connect your project financial data to your business accounting package now, would it?

We provide direct integrations with most popular accounting packages, including Sage & QuickBooks. 

After all, CMAP exists to make your professional life easier, not more difficult.

We've also just launched a brand new, direct integration with Xero. 

Our Xero integration is even 2-way, meaning you can feed project accounting information from CMAP into Xero and pull certain information out of Xero and into CMAP!

Want to find out more about our finance integrations?



CMAP integrates with popular finance and accounting packages SAGE, Quickbooks, Xero, Coins Global, Microsoft Dynamics, Great Plains