Create The Forms And Functions You Need With CMAP Pages

Author: Phil Smith
Date Posted: 19 Jul 19
1 minute read

Our new customisable Pages tool helps you add your business-specific forms and functions into CMAP with just a couple of clicks.

CMAP lets you add your own custom functionality with just a couple of clicks.

The custom fields within CMAP have enabled you to tailor the various pages within CMAP to the needs of your business. If you need a couple of extra data points on your Project or personnel – say location for example – it’s been super-easy to add that in.

Well, we’ve now extended that customization to entire pages.

Imaginatively titled ‘Pages’ (we like to call a spade a spade here at CMAP), you can create entire sub-pages across the various tabs within CMAP. These can be built in both single and multi-record variants, giving you even more control.

So say, for example, you want to add a ‘Project Review’ page to projects within CMAP. Now you can. In it you can include fields on what went well, what could’ve been improved, how much did it cost versus how much you quoted, and any other key info you want to track. That’s the beauty of Pages, it’s entirely up to you.

This page will then live within your Project tab for you to access and fill out at the end of each project.

Extra Reporting

That is, providing you’ve been allowed access. Because we’ve also given you the ability to lock off your custom pages behind any permissions you deem necessary. No need to worry about the wrong people accessing the wrong things.

There are just as many possibilities for the multi-record variant. As a quick example, you could knock up a performance reviews page that lives within the HR module of CMAP, complete with due dates, comments from the staff member in question and their line manager, and a yes/no ‘Completed?’ check box.

What’s really incredible about Pages is that, if you have our Report Builder tool, all of these forms you’ve created can feed directly into reports and dashboard boxes, giving you even greater visibility on what processes need to be completed.

Historically, having your business-specific functions incorporated into a software package such as CMAP would require custom development. That rarely came cheap. Now, you can put those forms into CMAP yourself, with just a couple of clicks and some simple dragging and dropping.

The best thing? It’s a completely free update.

Endless Customisation

Pages is so powerful that we really want it to form part of the core functionality. CMAP is all about making processes simpler, data more visible, and reports more actionable. This new feature does exactly that, and allows you to wipe out any additional spreadsheets you’ve got lying around to boot.

The examples given here barely scratch the surface of what’s possible within the new Pages tool. Project managers could set up a milestones and deliverables list, HR could keep track of any IT equipment that’s assigned to staff...

The possibilities are endless.