It always surprises me how many services-based companies don't do email marketing. Personally, I think you should all be doing it.

Some have a bad impression of email marketing because they associate it with spam. Others can't see how it would work for them as their business is built on "relationships".

The reality is this: email marketing is an exceptionally powerful tool for creating, building and maintaining relationships.

Frankly, if you did nothing than send a monthly email to stay in touch with every client you've ever dealt with, you would win more business.

Too busy working on projects? That's a perfect reason to use email marketing...

Email is very time-efficient and it keeps your relationships alive while you're busy working on other things. Stay in touch using email marketing and you won't have to worry about clients forgetting about you and turning to another supplier.

In future articles, I'll delve into detail on how to use email marketing to create, build and maintain relationships. But first, let me list some of the key reasons why I strongly believe you should be using email marketing:

1. Email is very cost-effective
Whilst there can be some costs with email marketing, such as design (if you do HTML emails), delivery costs are next to nothing. Advertising, direct mail, telemarketing – none of these methods come remotely close to email in terms of cost-effectiveness.

2. Email is quick
With email marketing, you can write a campaign and send it out in minutes. Whether you're emailing 10s, 100s or even 1000s of people, no other marketing method enables you to reach out to your audience so quickly.

3. Email builds relationships
Email is a great way to connect and stay in touch with your audience. Whether you send plain text emails written in a personal way or attractive HTML emails that illustrate your brand and creativity, email is a great way of connecting with people without being intrusive. They can read your message and response in their own time.

4. Email is versatile
Email can be used in many different ways to support whatever you're trying to achieve. Just want to stay in touch so you don't get forgotten? Send a monthly email with some interesting bits of information and maybe highlight a project or two you've been working on. Trying to win a new client? Send them some emails illustrating your expertise and addressing their questions and concerns. There are so many ways to use email to achieve your goals, from lead generation, to booking meetings, to closing deals, to staying in touch. Email is incredibly versatile.

5. Email is painless
Hate the idea of picking up the phone and calling a bunch of people? Me too. With email, you can reach out in a personal, informative manner without having to pick up the phone. You'll also save the client the pain of being interrupted by a phone call when they're busy doing something else!

6. Email is incredibly measurable
As a marketer, you always want to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Are our messages relevant and interesting? Are our campaigns generating leads? Are we closing business as a result of our marketing? With something like advertising, this sort of analysis is virtually impossible. With Email, it's easy. You can see if your emails were delivered and opened. You can see if people clicked the links to read more on your website. You can see how many leads you generated and how much business you won. Email really is a marketers dream come true.

7. Emails can be highly targeted and relevant
By segmenting your list, you can deliver highly targeted and relevant messages to your audience, which they will appreciate. You don't have to send the same message to everyone. You can tailor your messages to your different audience sectors so you're always sending people relevant, interesting information that's worth their time and attention.

When you consider the points I've just made, there really isn't any good reason not to try email marketing.

If you aren't using email marketing at all, or if your attempting it sporadically, I really would encourage you to dedicate some time to trying it properly. It will yield results, I assure you.