New to CMAP CRM: Grids, Glorious Grids

Author: Paul Ard
Date Posted: 15 Aug 17
2 minute read

We’ve recently overhauled the user interface of our CRM, Pipeline & Projects modules with a new & improved, customisable grid format.

We're excited about these grids because they offer CMAP users a lot more freedom to do things like build custom views & update information on the fly - generally making things much quicker & easier. Plus, the grids are just one of a series of improvements that we're making to perfect the CRM side of CMAP this year.

This idea was originally submitted and voted for by clients via our online Ideas Forum, so we're really pleased to see it come to fruition. The update includes changes to:

Contacts & Companies

The Contacts Grid revolutionises the way CMAP users can manage contacts & their associated companies. So CMAP users are now free to build out search queries, customise views, merge duplicates and get the full story via one, central view. Plus contact details can be live-edited right in the grid, just like you would in Excel.

You can even improve contact searches further by assigning favourites or applying tagging filters, making it much easier to keep track of your key potentials.

Contact management module in CMAP project accounting & project planning software for professional services


CMAP's Leads module used to be a simple tracker, capturing the very top of the sales funnel: early stage, woolly, unqualified opportunities. So you could: (a) capture a record of the opportunity and (b) set a follow-up action; but that was about it.

The new grid interface opens up the number of fields - and consequently, the level of detail - you can capture at lead stage. This means you can go into whatever level of detail you want & capture information on any custom fields you've created.

To top it all off, you can also key in an estimated price, allowing you to stick a ballpark figure next to a loose opportunity without the need to spend time building out a proper fee. If the opportunity successfully converts into a live potential project, this ballpark figure can simply be built out in to a more comprehensive fee to quote with using CMAP's Fee Estimator tool.

CMAP project planning & project accounting software includes lead management features


The Pipeline Grid gives you the freedom browse your opportunities via any view you like; no more sticking to rigid, hard-coded structures. Data columns can simply be customised to display the information you value the most.

Just like the Contacts Grid, you can also live-edit key information like Sales Stage, Probability & so on. That means no more clicking in-and-out of projects every time you want to make a change!

CMAP project accounting software integrates CRM & pipeline with project planning features


The introduction of grids to CMAP Projects offers a birds-eye view over all of your live projects via a simple list. And of course, you'll have the freedom to customise the data fields displayed, save your own views and live-edit key project information.

If you'd like to find out more about CMAP's CRM & Project Management features, or you're curious about how they work together with our resourcing & project accounting modules, simply get in touch.