Flamingo sign-up to CMAP for Agencies

Author: Paul Ard
Date Posted: 30 Apr 18

Omnicom agency Flamingo have chosen to implement CMAP's Agency Edition.

Flamingo Group logo, an Omnicom agency part of the DAS Group, users of CMAP project management software

Flamingo is a global insight & strategy consultancy based in London. They're also part of the DAS Group, which is a division of Omnicom.

The main driver for getting CMAP can be summarised by the level of integration & centralisation that it will bring to the business. So for them, simplification of processes through centralisation and automation was key. 

CMAP achieves this by uniting project planning, project tracking & project accounting via one clean, user-friendly system.

Live project data stored in CMAP will also provide the Flamingo team with advanced, up-to-the-minute reporting capabilities so they can nail down project performance from both a profitability & an efficiency perspective.

We're looking forward to seeing how CMAP can help spread Flamingo's project profitability wings wider than ever before!


Put an end to grinding processes.

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