Gexcon AS Go For CMAP Project Accounting Software

Author: Tom Rains
Date Posted: 28 Jan 16
1 minute read

World leading fire and explosion safety consultants Gexcon AS, have made the decision to move to CMAP. 

Gexcon implement CMAP integrated project accounting software for consultantsGexcon are headquartered in Norway, and work across multiple offices worldwide. With such a complex operational structure - involving different working weeks for offices & sophisticated global reporting structures, CMAP's flexibility and ability to satisfy management requirements was a major factor in their decision. What's more, CMAP assists with things like cross-charging and multi-currency project accounting, which is perfect for businesses operating on a global scale.

CMAP was also viewed as being the most user-friendly system available to assist with project delivery and support the unification of processes across their global business.

We're looking forward to a lengthy relationship with Gexcon, and frankly, we find their business fascinating!

Put an end to grinding processes.

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