It seems there's always pressure from two camps in professional services firms. 

One pressing for recruitment, the other pushing back to make better use of the people you already have through more effective resource planning.

It stands to reason that only one of these camps can be right, but how do you make a decision when polar opposites can often make equally convincing cases that they're in the right?

In CMAP, we have a clever report called the Staffing Level Prediction Report that does all of the calculations for you. It’ll tell you how many staff you have, and how many you need.

Here’s a screenshot of this report in action:


CMAP's Staffing Level Prediction Resourcing Report in 2013 CMAP's Staffing Level Prediction Report instantly shows you where you'll be stretched

The report calculates the number of staff you'll need each week by combining your project timelines.

You can calculate this yourself without CMAP by applying the same methodology. For example, if you have 10 live projects that have tasks for a Writer in a particular week, add up the time for all those tasks to calculate how many Writers you'll need that week.

Do that for all the tasks, across all your roles and you'll create your own version of CMAP's Staffing Level Prediction Report.

CMAP does this instantly, across all the locations and all the roles in your organisation, even factoring in the jobs you have in your pipeline.

Having project management information like this at your fingertips helps you to decide whether the answer is...

A) We need to hire

B) We need to look to contractors/freelancers

C) We need to make better use of the people we already have


Our resource planning tools have been updated quite a lot since this post was first published, get in touch or have a browse of our website to see these changes for yourself.