Intuitus implement CMAP's Consulting Edition

Author: Paul Ard
Date Posted: 21 Jun 18
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Intuitus have signed up to the Consulting Edition of CMAP.


Intuitus sign-up to CMAP Consulting Edition - PSA Software for consultancies & professional services


Based in Edinburgh, Intuitus are an IT and technology consultancy who specialise in supporting private equity firms with organisational growth.

After using a combination of systems for some time, Intuitus were looking to adopt an integrated solution to centralise project activity.

CMAP best matched their requirements; offering them space to manage their CRM activity, cost rates, time & resourcing decisions from a single place. 

CMAP has a number of supporting features which will further enhance their project management processes, such as a direct integration with their accounting package & CMAP BI; an advanced, custom reporting tool which aides quick, intelligent decision-making.

Ultimately, CMAP will save the Intuitus team a lot of time & effort on project admin whilst providing them with the insight they need to guide the business towards its strategic goals.


Put an end to grinding processes.

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