We've made it easier than ever for you to handle multiple currencies within CMAP

Up until recently, when you invoiced in CMAP, you could only do so in the project currency. 

So, if you ran a project in British pounds, for example, you had to invoice the client in British pounds. There's a variety of reasons why it actually might be more practical to deliver projects in British pounds (again, for example), but invoice the client in Euros, US dollars, Swiss francs, etc.

So, we've made a nifty little change to the invoicing tool, giving you the ability to invoice clients in an any currency, leaving you free to manage your projects in your native currency, and invoice your clients in another currency.

CMAP's multi-currency project accounting functionality doesn't just stop there, also offering the ability to manage job costing & expenses in any currency. Making CMAP the perfect project accounting package for professional services firms with multiple offices & global client bases.

Since this article was first published, we've made even more improvements to the way CMAP manages project accounting in multiple currencies. If you'd like to see CMAP in action, why not book a demo of CMAP today?