We’re delighted to announce that the market research firm Verve are joining the CMAP family.


Verve LogoThe London based company are industry leaders in their agile approach to customer insights, with clients ranging from Barclays and Virgin Atlantic, to tech giants like Google and Samsung - and now CMAP will help bring that agility to their own project management.

Verve were incredibly thorough in ensuring that CMAP is capable of helping them hit their business goals, with plenty of checks and probing to ensure we were up to task. Our Customer Success gurus were quickly able to demonstrate the immense value of CMAP, with demos and reference calls proving we’re just as serious about their success as they are.

The firm are keen to ditch the disjointed spreadsheet-based systems they currently have in place, with CMAP poised and ready to help meet their business development targets. They’ve also opted for Sage 50 integration to ensure they’re just as streamlined on the accounts side.

We can’t wait to get Verve live and kicking with CMAP, so we can help power them to even greater success.

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