CMAP Now Feeds Into MS Dynamics 365 Business Central

Author: Phil Smith
Date Posted: 07 Jun 19
1 minute read

You can now seamlessly transfer accounting transactions between CMAP and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.



Here at CMAP we’re all about the best-of-breed solutions, which is why we’ve now added an integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

If you use the snappily-named software for your accounting, you can now hook it up to CMAP and have the latter push through personal expenses, purchase invoices and sales invoices, courtesy of our friends at Dynavics.

Sales Invoices

Dynamics Sales

Once you’ve created the sales invoice, it’ll be available within the CMAP Integration section of Business Central - under the appropriately named ‘Open Sales’ box. Give it a click and you’ll see all the invoices that have been pulled through but are yet to be processed.

Choosing ‘Process’ will then take you through to the posting page where you can review the details before posting to the GL. There’s also the option of running a preview so you can see what entries will be generated.

Once the entries are created the original invoice numbers are retained in order to provide a common reference point. For Sales Invoices this shows up under ‘Pre-Assigned No.’

Personal Expenses & Purchase Invoices

Dynamics Expenses

Purchase invoices and expense claims work in much the same way. The former will pull through to the 'Open Purchases' section. Expenses meanwhile, whether they’ve been created within CMAP’s Expenses module or via the CMAP Go app,  will pull through to the ‘Open Expenses’ section of the CMAP Integration window once they’ve been approved.

From the relevant windows you can then post the invoices and expenses to the GL (via a preview if you so wish, naturally) and the corresponding entries will be created. The original CMAP Expense Claim or Purchase Invoice reference number is retained as ‘Vendor Invoice No.’ - so you’ve still got a common reference point between CMAP and Business Central.

Another simple integration to make your processes even easier to execute. We do spoil you don’t we?


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