We've introduced a nifty feature to the Fee Estimator that makes it super-quick and easy to play about with your job costing in CMAP. In this blog post I'm going to show you how to use it to full effect.

So, what's this nifty new feature, you ask? We've dubbed it 'drag and drop', because that's precisely what you're now able to do.

In the past, if the ordering of tasks in your fee estimate wasn't correct, you'd have to delete it out, and add it in afresh where you wanted it to appear. Not the end of the world, but we knew there was a quicker (and easier!) way to do it.

Now, when you come into the Fee Estimator, you'll see an icon (three horizontal lines laid on top of each other) next to fee stages and tasks. If you hover your cursor over the icon you'll see it tells you to: "Drag here to reorder."

Click the mouse, and then drag the task/fee stage to where you'd like it to appear, et voilà, your job costing is in the order you want.

Let me show you...

I've got a fee stage comprised of three tasks. I want the third task to take second place in the running order. So,I click the drag and drop icon next to the third task...


Then drag and (wait for it...) drop it where I want it to be...


That's it. Simple, quick and easy. We hope this addition rounds off our ever-popular Fee Estimator job costing tool!

N.B. The drag and drop function works exactly the same way with fee stages. Hit the icon next to the fee stage's name and it will drop the stage into its rightful spot, in its entirety, in one fell swoop.

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback.