What's New in CMAP: Stage Tagging

Author: Paul Ard
Date Posted: 26 Jul 18
2 minute read

We're pleased to introduce stage tagging to CMAP, which will unlock some super-powerful project reporting capabilities for our clients.

What is stage tagging?

If you're a CMAP user, you may already be familiar with the concept of tagging up companies & contacts in CMAP, so that you can group your contacts together (i.e. by sectors, frameworks etc.) & use those tags as filters within your CRM.

Now we've taken tagging a step further by enabling you to mark up individual project work stages with your own, custom tags.

Why is stage tagging important?

Work stage tags come in to their own when creating reports in CMAP BI, adding another useful dimension to custom reporting in CMAP.

Any work stage tags that you apply to your projects can be used to generate super granular reports via the Report Builder in CMAP BI.

Screenshot of how to create custom work stage reports using the Report Builder in CMAP BI

As an example, say you had 3 projects with the following work stages:

Project A - Sketches

Project B - Outlines

Project C - Concepts

You could say these 3 work stages all fall under the bracket of design-based work, so you could apply a 'design' tag to tell CMAP that these work stages are all related; or in this case, can be categorised as the same service.

So if you want to know how much revenue your firm generates via design services,  CMAP simply lets you set your 'design' work stage tag as a custom filter in the Report Builder & automatically creates a revenue report of all of your design stages.

The same method applies if you wanted to look in to time spent, invoicing & so on.

How to set-up stage tagging

You can create & assign your own, custom tags via CMAP's Admin tab.

Simply give your tag a name and assign it as a work stage, contact or company tag via a simple tick box menu.

Screenshot of how to set up tagging in CMAP

Once your stage tags are set up, you can apply them to individual work stages whilst building out project costs in CMAP's Fee Estimator tool. 

Its as simple as clicking the tag icon on the far-right column of each individual work stage, selecting the right tag from the pop-up window & saving it.

Screenshot of how to assign work stage tags in CMAP

If you do this for all of your projects, then you'll have access to some incredibly powerful reports in CMAP.

If you're a CMAP user & would like this feature turned on, simply get in touch with our Support team.

Or to learn more about CMAP's custom reporting capabilities, click the button below: