What is a Timesheet?

A timesheet is simply a way of recording how much time an employee spends on a task or activity.

CMAP Timesheet Summary Report?

The Timesheet Summary Report is a useful time tracking report in CMAP.

With this report, you can get super granular with time tracking. Filtering it by your own custom date ranges, offices, team or even specific clients; so you have real, operational flexibility to see the information you want to see. Here's how it looks:

Screenshot of Project Time Summary Report Filters in CMAP

This produces a timesheet grid view, which shows you the real, financial value of that time, based on the filters you've selected.

Time based reporting in CMAP doesn't stop there, there are also options for:

  • Cross Charge Time Reports
  • Late Timesheet Reports
  • Timesheet Approvals
  • Productivity Reports
  • Individual Timesheet Reports
  • Project Time & Expenses Reports

Discover what else makes time tracking in CMAP different here: