As an AEC firm, you can't just rely on one single approach to job costing.

It's often considered a good idea to sense-check by comparing different fee approaches.

So we’ve made some exciting upgrades to our Fee Estimator tool, which are exclusive to the AEC Edition of CMAP.

These changes ensure that you can manage fees within CMAP in the exact same way that you’d think about the process itself:

The new AEC Fee Estimator for architects, engineers & AEC Consultancies

Resource Driven Job Costing

Now you can schedule resources to key projects and build your fee based on that information. So your fee will auto-populate based on your resourcing decisions in CMAP.

The key advantage to this is that CMAP users will have the freedom to produce a side-by-side comparison of a fee-based, top-down approach against a resource-based, bottom-up approach.

So you can compare budgets in your fee-based plan with the estimated profits of your resourcing plan, all from one screen.

This will enable you to get a real time view of the potential profit of the project against the risk and select the most achievable, profitable approach.

Bid Stage Functionality

We want to make it easier for you to see how much time, money & effort you’re spending on bid work, so we've made some simple but effective updates which will allow you to mark up certain stages of a project specifically as a bid stage.

That information will then feed into a whole bunch of useful reporting in CMAP.

Breakdown Workstages into Tasks

This feature has been launched based on feedback from some of our clients; who have been asking for a way to split project workstages down to a more granular task level.

Now you can budget to an individual work item or task as opposed to the entire project workstage; meaning that you can assign budgets to projects on a far more detailed level.

Quoting by Square Footage

We've now added the ability to flip the Fee Estimator to also allow you to quote based on a price per square foot.


Finally, you'll also be able to export costing information, fee drawdowns, etc., produced in the Fee Estimator straight to Excel so that you can share them with your client.


Job costing is just one feature in a series of great functionality that's been specifically designed to help architects, engineering firms & AEC Consultancies plan & manage their projects: