Finance teams rejoice; you now have your own dedicated area in CMAP!

We've just launched the finance tab, which is available to access across all CMAP Editions. It centralises all of CMAP's dedicated finance features in to one, navigable area; meaning no more flicking between tabs to find the tools you use the most to manage your project accounting activities.

The update also improves the security of your key financial data, as CMAP's security permissions feature enables users to restrict who can actually access the finance tab, so that only finance users (or anyone you provide with security  permissions) can access it.

CMAP finance tab manages project accounting, rate cards, invoicing & revenue recognition

What functionality does the finance tab include?

  • Roles & Rates
  • Currencies & Exchange Rates
  • Purchase Invoices
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Everything you need to support our finance integrations (e.g. Xero, Sage etc.) - including data imports/exports.

Want to find out more? Explore the finance tab here:



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