Oaklin sign-up to CMAP PSA Software for Consultancies

Author: Paul Ard
Date Posted: 04 Apr 18
1 minute read

Oaklin are the latest management consultancy to choose CMAP's Consulting Edition as their dedicated PSA software solution.

Oaklin Consulting sign-up to CMAP's Consulting Edition PSA software

Oaklin are a London-based consultancy whose clients includes a number of FTSE 100 & Fortune 500 companies across multiple sectors. They also operate out of  an additional U.S office in Washington, D.C.

Their main driver for implementing CMAP was to benefit from centralising their CRM & contracts database; so that they could easily record leads and track potential jobs effectively.

The benefit with CMAP is that everything is tied together; which will give them team at Oaklin an all-encompassing view of their projects; from initial quote, through to project delivery & project trackingParticularly in terms of recording expenses and additionals against live projects to benefit from live project profitability reports.

Oaklin will also benefit from a number of add-ons that are available with CMAP, including custom reporting tool CMAP BI, as well as a direct integration with their accounting package.

We're looking forward to getting Oaklin up & running on CMAP, which will give the business a better overall view of their projects whilst also saving their staff a lot of time.


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