It’s another happy day at CMAP as we welcome OHE Consulting on board.


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OHE provide authoritative resources and analysis in the healthcare sector through both their own research and their consultancy. They’ve been doing this since 1962 and have built a stellar, international reputation in the process.

They’re now looking to CMAP to bring a similar level of quality to their own project management and financial reporting within their Consultancy arm. Previously using multiple systems, the demo we provided demonstrated the streamlined, all-in-one solution that CMAP provides.

Having the tools to take a deep dive into project resourcing, tweaking things on a truly granular level, and having that all feed into our custom dashboards and report builder left them in no doubt that CMAP can help power them to greater success.

We excited to work with the firm to harmonize their processes and help drive them onward and upwards.

Put an end to grinding processes.
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