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Professional Services Software: Best-of-Breed or All-in-One?

Posted by Tom Rains on 04 Jul 19

Here's why your business will benefit from multiple best-of-breed software packages in place of a barely adequate all-in-one system that... Read More

Bedrock Healthcare Communications Come On Board With CMAP

Posted by Phil Smith on 03 Jul 19

We’re happy to announce that Bedrock Healthcare Communications have signed up for CMAP’s HealthComms Edition. Read More

Accession Healthcare come to CMAP for their Project Management

Posted by Phil Smith on 02 Jul 19

We’re delighted to welcome Accession Healthcare Consulting into the CMAP family. Read More

CMAP an Easy Choice for Portland Medical Communications

Posted by Phil Smith on 25 Jun 19

CMAP are proud to announce that Portland Medical Communications have come on board. Read More

Calendar Invites Added to Time Off Approval Emails

Posted by Phil Smith on 10 Jun 19

We’ve added a calendar invite to the ‘holiday request approved’ email. Read More

CMAP Now Feeds Into MS Dynamics 365 Business Central

Posted by Phil Smith on 07 Jun 19

You can now seamlessly transfer accounting transactions between CMAP and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.   Read More

Chaucer Come Back to CMAP for PSA

Posted by Phil Smith on 06 Jun 19

We’re thrilled to welcome consultancy firm Chaucer back into the CMAP family. Read More