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CMAP PSA software the winner for Portas Consulting

Posted by Phil Smith on 17 Jul 19

We’re proud to announce that Portas Consulting have chosen CMAP to deliver their PSA solution. Read More

The Soapy Group Choose CMAP To Help Them Raise The Bar

Posted by Phil Smith on 16 Jul 19

We’re pleased to welcome the award winning marketing agency The Soapy Group into the CMAP family. Read More

RIBA award-winning architects McLean Quinlan join CMAP

Posted by Phil Smith on 10 Jul 19

We’re delighted to welcome McLean Quinlan on-board as they sign up for our AEC edition. Read More

How to Get People to Fill in Their Timesheets

Posted by Phil Smith on 08 Jul 19

Timesheets are crucial to project profitability, so why is it such a struggle to get them filled in? Let us tell you, and more importantly,... Read More

Why You Should Separate Your Project Accounting and General Ledger

Posted by Tom Rains on 05 Jul 19

There was a time when a software solution that integrated all of your processes into a single package was the obvious choice. Technology has... Read More

Professional Services Software: Best-of-Breed or All-in-One?

Posted by Tom Rains on 04 Jul 19

Here's why your business will benefit from multiple best-of-breed software packages in place of a barely adequate all-in-one system that... Read More

Bedrock Healthcare Communications Come On Board With CMAP

Posted by Phil Smith on 03 Jul 19

We’re happy to announce that Bedrock Healthcare Communications have signed up for CMAP’s HealthComms Edition. Read More