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How to Calculate Cost Rates Correctly

Posted by Michael Holmes on 15 Jun 18

What are cost rates? Cost rates are simply the individual costs of an employee or contractor to you as a business. Read More

Here's why project data is your secret weapon

Posted by Dave Graham on 23 May 18

You may remember my last post about the firm that had been undercutting themselves continually on repeat business.  Read More

Why good communication is key to profitable project delivery

Posted by Dave Graham on 10 May 18

I'll be honest, when I set up this business over 15 years ago, we didn't have that many clients.  Read More

Flamingo sign-up to CMAP for Agencies

Posted by Paul Ard on 30 Apr 18

Omnicom agency Flamingo have chosen to implement CMAP's Agency Edition. Read More

Tvsdesign Select CMAP's AEC Edition for Project Management

Posted by Paul Ard on 24 Apr 18

We're delighted to welcome U.S firm TVS Design to CMAP. Read More

A Guide to R&D Tax Credits for Architects

Posted by Michael Holmes on 23 Apr 18

Architecture shapes every day life more directly than most other disciplines. Read More

Heyne Tillett Steel implement CMAP for Engineers

Posted by Paul Ard on 11 Jan 18

Engineering firm Heyne Tillett Steel have signed-up to CMAP for Engineers. Read More