'Part Winning' Projects In CMAP

Author: Tom Rains
Date Posted: 04 Dec 13
1 minute read

'Part winning' (where a client signs-off a project in stages, rather than as a whole) is fast becoming commonplace.

Without CMAP's Part Win functionality, companies come up with all sorts of weird and [not so] wonderful coping strategies to manage part winning situations; from splitting the individual delivery stages into individual projects with individual project numbers, to gambling on winning the whole piece (and in doing so winning the full value of all the stages of the project, which they may not ultimately win, and get paid for). It's all a bit messy.

The good news is, with CMAP's Part Win functionality, all those coping strategies go out the window; replaced with a simple, seamless mechanism.

Here's how it works:

If you win the entire project, you simply click the We've Won the Project button, and CMAP automatically transfers it from the Pipeline into the Projects module.


If, however, you part win the project, hit the 'show more more info' tab to the right and select Part Win This Project to bring up some additional options...


CMAP will then give you the ability to select the stages you've won and, by default, the stages you haven't won (or are yet to win). Simply tick the appropriate stages and hit Part Win this Project to... part win the project.


CMAP will only transfer the stages you've won into the Projects module, and retain the rest in the Pipeline, where you simply come along to win (or lose) as and when the client signs off.

So, you have...

  • One project with one project number
  • Only the fees from the relevant stages needing to be accounted for (so your financials are nice and clear)
  • Crystal clear and coherent reporting
  • And all the potential headaches gone

That's it! Nice, quick and easy. If only everything in life was that simple!