Peru Consulting Go With CMAP for Consultants

Author: Paul Ard
Date Posted: 30 Oct 17
1 minute read

Peru Consulting are the latest management consultancy to sign-up to CMAP's PSA software solution.

Peru Consulting implement CMAP PSA Software

Peru Consulting is a fully-independent IT management consultancy, founded in 2012 and based in London.

The consultancy moved from spreadsheets to CMAP in order to gain more advanced control over things like budgets, expenses and resourcing.

CMAP is the perfect choice for consultancies like Peru because its cloud-based setup means that staff can access CMAP from anywhere (even via mobile). Plus the ability to handle multiple-currencies and then see the impact of time & expenses against project budgets were all major deciding factors for Peru.

 "As a growing IT consultancy based at client sites all over the UK and Europe, we needed a cloud-based, intuitive system to capture our billable time, resources and provide transparent, collaborative project tracking.

CMAP stood out not only because it is cloud-based, customisable and evolving, but because it is specifically tailored to the UK consultancy business model.

CMAP know and understand our business thought-processes and were familiar with the challenges we wished to address.

What underlined our decision was CMAP’s flexible and personable approach to our requirements; they listened to us and didn’t try to blind us with irrelevant bells and whistles. It has been very much a let's make this work together approach, which is truly refreshing." 

Jo Cribbin, Executive Assistant

You can find out more about CMAP for Consultants here.