Portland Communications Choose CMAP's Agency Edition

Author: Paul Ard
Date Posted: 06 Aug 18
1 minute read

Portland Communications have signed-up to CMAP's Agency Edition.


Portland Communications logo - users of CMAP's Agency Edition: commercial project management software for agencies & brand consultancies


Part of Omnicom's DAS Group, Portland Communications specialise in delivering communications strategies for some of the world's highest profile organisations, governments & individuals. 

They looked in to CMAP upon the success that other DAS members had been having with it.

Deciding to sign-up upon seeing how CMAP's overall design, usability & functionality offered them everything they needed to manage their projects efficiently, with a real focus on profitability.

To support CMAP's core functionality, Portland also decided to implement CMAP BI; a business intelligence tool which enables the creation of completely custom, live reports & dashboards.

So they'll be able to get really granular with reporting and cut through their project data however they like. 

What's more, onboarding will be supported by the CMAP Academy; an online, on-demand, video-based learning platform which will provide their project managers, finance teams & project workers with the personalised, role-specific training they need to maximise CMAP's potential within the business. 


Put an end to grinding processes.

Find out how CMAP can streamline your projects:VIEW AGENCY EDITION